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Welcome to Life World Outreach

Life World Outreach - Steve, Dee Ann and family

Dear Friend,

The Bible teaches that we have been left with a great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel. The gospel is good news and we have all been given a message to proclaim, a message of God’s unconditional love and acceptance and of a God who has reconciled the world to Himself through His Son Jesus. The wonderful gift and person of Jesus gives us a power to be a witness to our neighbour, work colleagues and family members. We believe that when Jesus departed and left us with the Holy Spirit that His smallest focus was a city (Acts 1: 8), and our goal is to reach as many as we can and make an impact in every town and city we go to.

Dee-Anne and I are so thankful that you have joined hands with us to bless and encourage fellow saints and to win as many as we can to the saving knowledge of His Lordship. We are blessed to be a blessing and through the generous giving of time, talents, prayer support and financial investment from people like you, we are making a difference in the lives of so many. You are helping make it possible to reach and affect lives for eternity, wow, think of that, an eternal difference!

We trust that as you continue to read that you will be encouraged at what God is doing through your partnership.

We have a desire to reach the lost with the Outrageous Love of God. Jesus spoke in Luke 15 about a Shepherd leaving 99 just persons in no need of repentance and reaching the one lost person. Our desire is to reach that person and we go where few dare to go that we might reach those in need of God's love.

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