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Year in and Year out National and International Tourists visit our beautifull town and usually find themselves doing the same things they do every year. With our "places to see" directory you can explore new places to visit on your next trip to knysna. Please explore and enjoy our towns amazing beauty.
The Knysna Heads GPS Coordinates 34° 4'35.52"S 23° 3'38.44"E
The Knysna Heads is a must to put onto your places to visit on your knysna holiday. You will be met by breathtaking views, the best food and coffee that knysna has to offer at East Head Café and decide that you might like it so much that you will stay at Beacon House or Augusta Bay that is situated right at the heads.
Knysna old Airfield Foot Path GPS Coordinates 34° 3'15.56"S 23° 3'57.17"E
The Old Airfield footpath next to the knysna lagoon is great for leisurely strolls while walking your dog or just enjoying the great views that the knysna lagoon has to offer. This pathway is knysna's abandoned airfield.
Knysna Train Track Over Lagoon GPS Coordinates 34° 2'21.73"S 23° 2'7.28"E
The Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe is a train rail running between Gearoge and Knysna, offering some of the best scenery in the world as it hugs the coast and traverses indigenous forest vegetation and inland lakes on its 67 kilometre route between the two towns. Due to Floods in 2006 sections of the line were washed away. Please visit this website to read more about the Choo-Tjoe Read more...
St. Georges Anglican Church GPS Coordinates 34° 2'6.91"S 23° 3'1.22"E
St. Georges Anglican Church in Knysna. Visit St. Georges Website
Brenton Lookout Point over Knysna GPS Coordinates 34° 3'11.31"S 22°59'25.20"E
This lookout point is perfectly set on the road travelling toward "Brenton on Sea". When standing at the lookout point you can see over the whole of Knysna Town and the Lagoon with all of its beauty.
Brenton-on-Sea - Beach GPS Coordinates 34° 4'26.57"S 23° 1'14.32"E
Locals claim that one of the most wonderful beaches in the world lies right on the other side of the Knysna Western Heads, in Brenton-on-Sea. There are rocks to clamber on, little pools to cool off in and a long bay for beach walks and shell seeking. Hot Tip: walk to Buffels Bay, have lunch or an icecream, take a shower, and stroll back.
Buffalo Bay Main Beach GPS Coordinates 34° 5'6.27"S 22°58'28.35"E
To get away from the Garden Route coastal glitz, head for isolated Buffalo Bay, about half way between Knysna & Sedgefield. This great family resort offers unspoiled seaside scenery, safe swimming and superb surfing conditions, including a section fittingly called “The wild side”.
Knysna Lagoon Beach GPS Coordinates 34° 2'20.15"S 23° 0'45.71"E
A well hidden not so well known spot on the edge of the Knysna Lagoon, perfect for a picnic area and some great summer swimming.
Westford Nature Reserve GPS Coordinates 34° 0'39.19"S 23° 1'5.36"E
This Spot is nicely tucked away from your usual "touristy" spots. A real hidden gem on the phantom forest road, this spot is great for summer swimming and a great romantic picnic spot. So follow the GPS coordinates and have a great time.
Jubilee Creek (Picnic Spot) GPS Coordinates 33°53'23.62"S 22°57'47.64"E
Jubilee creek is a hidden gem within knysna, this is a quiet picnic spot to enjoy the forest beauty on a day where you wanted to stay away from the beach. Braai Facilities are available as well as Toilets.
Leisure Isle (At Low Tide) GPS Coordinates 34° 4'19.71"S 23° 3'37.55"E
This tour was taken at Low tide, it is just a great illustration of the difference in the tides of the lagoon.
Fishermans Walk Look-out (Brenton) GPS Coordinates 34° 4'31.91"S 23° 1'59.10"E
Fishermans walk is one of the beaches in the area least visited by tourists because of the 326 Steps each way. Once you have mustered up the courage to tackle these steps you will not regret it. The fresh untouched beaches are really worth it. Just be sure to take some water.
Steenbok Nature Reserve (Leisure Isle) GPS Coordinates 34° 3'50.08"S 23° 3'23.58"E
Steenbok Nature Park and Kingfisher Creek lie on the northern shores of Leisure Isle in the beautiful town of Knysna. These small but precious areas of water-edged nature have a wealth of flora and fauna, and an abundance of tranquility. In a joint initiative by the Leisure Island Residents Association and the Knysna Municipality, these two areas have been combined to form one stretch of natural parkland, called Steenbok Nature Reserve.
Noetzie GPS Coordinates 34° 4'46.36"S 23° 7'40.71"E
Some seem a little disappointed to be told that the castles are no more than holiday houses, and a few mischievous Noetzie residents, playing up to their curiosity, have been known to spin them a yarn or two about the castles belonging to pirates, smugglers and even to George Rex.
The Red Bridge GPS Coordinates 34° 0'59.93"S 23° 0'4.38"E
This Iconic bridge in Knysna known as the Red Bridge is well known for Fishing, It gets its name from its from its obvious colour. Take a look for yourself.
More tours will be uploaded every week